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How to create a UI for PowerShell

How can I make a User Interface for PowerShell?  I receive this question frequently, not just from the community but also from colleagues. While there are numerous blogs addressing this topic, I've noticed that some of them might be challenging to understand or to get going. To contribute in my own way, I've decided to share my approach to creating a user interface (UI)... WARNING. This may become addictive, continue at your own risk! I always begin by asking, "What functionalities do you want the UI to have?" This inquiry helps me grasp the desired complexity and design method of UI they're seeking. When it comes to UIs, they generally fall into two methods: single-threaded and multi-threaded . Unless you're well-versed in code development, these terms might seem confusing. Frankly, even I find them challenging at times. To simplify the explanation, I usually explain it this way: In the world of PowerShell, a single-threaded UI is one where each click or in

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