PowerCLI Datastore Uploader GUI

Since VMware is forcing the webgui for their vSphere client; you will require the vSphere plugin to be able to upload files to the datastore. however the plugin doesn't work on every browser; Chrome and IE are the only ones I found that works...sometimes.

However, there are other ways to accomplish this: PowerCLI. The task isn't to hard; VMware has a KB on how to do it.

Basically you need to connect to the vcenter server, get the datastore and folder (if needed), map a PSDrive to that datastore, then run the Copy-DatastoreItem command. Simple right? It is for an experienced administrator. But I like to make things even simpler; why not build a UI for it using XAML and PowerShell?

Here we go again....

This simple form will check if PowerCLI is installed, if not, then either check a specified network directory for the module or get the latest from https://www.powershellgallery.com using NuGet 

Since I work on disconnected networks; the network share is useful for our environments

It will also store the last used vCenter/IP in a file under your temp directory. I thought about making a dropdown list for it for multiple vCenter scenarios.  

The progress bar in the UI does not work yet. I am still working on a runspace for it so it doesn't lock up the menu; however if you will see the progess in the Powershell CLI or ISE

This form can be found on https://github.com

Oh the fun things you can do with powershell....


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