BIOS Prerequisites Tool

 I finally got a Semi-final working Secure Host Baseline prerequisites Tool! I've only tested on a Dell system. I have also tested this in PE. There are a few cosmetic things I'd like to do but overall this is it: 

New Features added:
  • checks for a config file remotely if enabled and exists. Gives us the ability to add or remove features if needed
  • Debugging mode, additional logging feature
  • Known Password list, this allows the tool to find the correct password for the BIOS to be able to configure it

A few things I'd like to do:
  • Use the config to control system providers such as CCTK and the dell powershell module (which I can't get working) to support systems like HP
  • Make the powershell form open center of screen and bigger resolution when in UEFI mode for PE
  • Put a reboot button if system is not compliant and a continue if it is and remove the exit button
  • Hash the passwords in the config file or maybe have it look externally for it
  • Include task sequence logging
  • Remove the empty Model Information and Operating System group boxs and load the system info (like model, serial, ip, etc) in a box
  • Progress bar to display what step its on and what is left
  • Export button not working in the logging tab. I'd like to have it export the log to a share
It ultimately uses the Dell CCTK, running the commands (behind the scenes while logging them)

Alot of beer and rum went into this....

What do you think?


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